About Lk Art

About the artist Lotte Kjoeller

I was born in 1966 in Koege, a village in Denmark. I live and work not far from the center of Copenhagen.

I work in acrylic on canvas and as a painter, I am known to put together several canvases in one image and paint all possible "crooked" formats possiple in between. I also paint in watercolour, make collages, drawings, lithographs, illustrations and sculpture (figures in clay). I also write poetry, give talks and teach. My creative urge is strong, and I am inquisitive and creative in many ways.

Little Lars - 100 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas -  Sold

I work in acrylic on canvas and as a painter, I am known to put together several canvases in one image and paint all possible "crooked" formats possiple in between. I also paint in watercolour, make collages, drawings, lithographs, illustrations and sculpture (figures in clay). I also write poetry, give talks and teach. My creative urge is strong, and I am inquisitive and creative in many ways.

My career as artist really started when my work was accepted for the Autumn Exhibition KE in Copenhagen in 1995. By then I had been a private pupil of the Danish artist Jeff Ibbo for three years, and I was at the same time studying History of Art at Copenhagen University. I had already shown in several officially accepted exhibitions, and I had three paintings accepted for the Autumn Exhibition in 1996, which was very encouraging, and in both 2000 and 2001 my work was accepted for the Summer Exhibition KS too. In the meantime I had been in Latvia attending the Symposium at a wonderful castle set in the rugged landscape, where my huge work made of homemade, hand-made cotton paper and felt, is still decorating the wall. See below:

The Pyramid - 200 x 150 cm - Collage -  Sold

From there I went directly to Paris in France and I studied at the Ecole des Beaux Artes. Since returning to Denmark in late 1998 I have exhibited in many places (see CV), and have a busy life as practising artist. In 2003 I achieved membership of the Professional Danish Artists Union BKF and of the Danish Association of Writers (Illustrators Group) DF, and now feel I can have the privilege of calling myself a professional artist. In recent years I have not only had success in Denmark, but have also exhibited and sold work abroad.

From 2002 my works have become increasingly abstract and imaginative, but always retaining the expressive figurative style, with the space surrounding the figures as an equally important part of the composition. I am inspired both by the present and the past, and use colours to create depth and as perspective as used in Italian painting of the Middle Ages.

I always paint in series, series which may seem very varied as my work develops and I myself develop and change, for life is never static - these series are all concerned with people. I find much inspiration in every-day life and often try to express feelings and atmospheres. My main aim is to tell a story! But the interpretation and the experience is left open to the observer to invent his own story. Whether it may agree with my own is not important. In 2008 the Danish art historian Lise-Lotte Blom wrote the following about my work:

Individual teaching in Drawing and Painting

I have experience of teaching drawing and painting in acylic, at evening schools and art schools and as Occupational Therapy. I can offer private individual lessons in my studio in Copenhagen to those who may be interested. Just give me a call or mail - I do speak English!

Models required

I use nude models - both men and women - while painting in my studio. If you would like to be my model, you are welcome. But you should know, that I do not pay my models with money, but by a work once in a while. If you are interested, you can contact me by mail – but be serious!

Flame - 100 x 150 cm - Acrylic on canvas - 2.145 euro - Sold

Would you like a drawing or painting made especially to your own requirements?

Would you like to commission a drawing or painting? I draw or paint portraits, personal icons or paintings, illustrations, posters etc., no limits to the possibilities! If you would like to commission a work, you can order it here by mail or phone. When I paint a portrait it may be of just the head, or the full-length figure may be portrayed - clothed, or in the nude. I have painted men, women, children and family groups (and also for example musicians while performing). I usually paint the whole figure and use the surrounding space to express the person's background, personality etc., as I have come to understand it. Therefore it is possible for the model to suggest locality, pose, mood, colour, etc! You can investigate here on my website and see “illustrationer”, “erotica”, “portrait” series etc. which I have made on commission for other people.

Would you be interested in exhibiting my work?

My compositions are nearly always painted in acrylic on canvas, sizes from 20x20 cm to 100x150 cm, with prices ranging from 1500 to 45.000 Danish kroner, or 140 to 2200 Euro. Framed drawings cost about 3.000 kr (430 Euro). I use plain wooden or silver frames, but occasionally I prefer a work to be unframed. My sculptures are in clay from 15 cm to 60 cm tall, and cost between 1000 and 7000 kr (140 to 800 Euro). I exhibit in galleries, museums and other suitable places all the year round, and if you too would be interested in showing my work, you are very welcome to contact me by e-mail or letter at my address, see below - In good time - as I do need to plan ahead!

Would you like to buy a work from my website?

It is possible to buy a work it from this website. Feel free to contact me by mail, if you would like to know ex. a works name, sice or price. If it is not possible for you to come to Copenhagen I can send the painting or drawing to you - if you pay the costs before by paypal. Only after I have been paid, I will sende the work carefully by snailmail (if possible) or by another safe service.

Would you like to be invited to my exhibitions in the future?

Everyone who has asked for my newsletter by mail, will be invited to Open House and the other exhibitions I may arrange. The newsletter is written in Danish. Feel free to send me your name and mail, and you will join us. (See my Newsletter)


This web-site Lk-kunst.dk is protected by copyright. The pictures must not be copied, exhibited or used in any way without a formal agreement with the artist. If you are in any doubt you should contact me by e-mail.

Contact information

I live and work near the center of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. My workshop is called Atelier Lk-kunst.dk and can be visited by appointment. I have 'Open House' once in a while, when you would be very welcome to come by and have a look. I welcome galleries, gallery groups, art societies, and individual visitors – My studio is open to everyone - the 50 m2 size can hold quite a crowd! If you would be interested in further information, or would like to visit my studio (where there is of course much more work to be seen, than is shown on this web-side), you can contact me via e-mail by my 'contact side', by telephone. I look forward to hearing from you! Do contact me on the adress below:

"Lotte Kjoellers paintings are almost always inspired by human relationships. Often one or two people are depicted in a situation together. Many take place out-of-doors, many in an enclosed interior. Music, relaxation, and dreams appear in many of the works. In 2008 the artist made a series of paintings with the collective title 'Change', to be understood as transformation and change-ie Man's transformation throughout a lifetime. This is expressed through the motive, and the colours are vivacious and expressive. Occasionally gold and silver are used as a scintillating emphasis of movement in a direct or transfered meaning.

Lotte Kjoeller's sculptures, made between 1995 and 2008, are all, as is the case with the paintings, modelled from life. The material is clay with chamotte. The figures are fired, and some are glazed several times with the artists own recipe. Many of the figures, for example 'Grubleren', in fired clay with 'chamotte' 47x21x17cm, expresses marked and speculative sensuality."

I could not express this better myself! My work must be seen - and here you have the opportunity to look at a chosen selection, which I hope that you will enjoy!