Decorative Works

Decorative works of Lotte Kjøller

I use my experiences as an artist to create decorative works. These are done in a very personal figurative and expressive style where imagination and feelings decide the composition. 'Man' is my main source of inspiration, 'Mankind' has always been the basis and the motive in my work. The colours are lively, and I often make use of gold or silver to make gleaming contrasts on the surface of the work. I have decorated spaces both for children and for adults, and my dream is that one day I will have the opportunity to decorate a church! I use large paintings in acryl on canvas or on wood, which can then be hung in a coherent arrangement in tune with the environment.

I have made various mural decorations in Denmark, for example at Nicholai Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, DK (1988),

My decorations are mostly painted in akryl on canvas. Prices are individual as the tasks can be very varied, depending on technique, size, area of wall space etc. If you would be interested in having some decorative work in your business premises, your church, or some other place, you are most welcome to contact me so we could arrange a time and place to meet and discuss the project. If you wish for further information and would be interested in seeing more of my work, please contact me at the address below, or by e-mail. (You can see my work here)

Køge Gymnasium, DK (1991); Copenhagen's Musical Evening School, DK (1991), Solbakken Camping Site, DK (2001), Copenhagen's Main Library, DK (2004) and S.U. Styrelsen (2009). I have also made a decoration for SU- Styrelsen etc.