Welcome to the drawing and painting school Atelier by Visual artist Lotte Kjoeller

Get artistic inspiration and be taught by visual artist Lotte Kjoeller in her own studio in Copenhagen. I teach in drawing / painting in small teams of max. 3 people in my own studio. The idea is that the student gets more intensive teaching in small teams in the artist's own workshop; i.e. in authentic and inspiring surroundings, as you will find it in Atelier In addition, I give one-class instruction. Read about courses and events by clicking the link to the right.

The teaching is based on you and what you need to get on with your art. I teach based on your pictures and the problems and challenges that you experience in your work with them.

I teach both the brand new beginner, but also like a course of education together for you who only, wanting one-lesson to learn something definitely. For example, you can be a student at art education that needs help with a task. The girl on the right is a designerstudent who should learn to draw croquis to complete her task. One-time education costs 600 kr per hour. If you can share the seat 3 people, it costs 250 SEK per hour for children, teens and adults alike.

It may also be that you have painted a little on your own and need to learn some painting techniques and color schemes so you can move on with your pictures.

There are also drawing and basic courses for you to learn to draw both to the practitioner and you who want to learn it from scratch and to find your own style - whether you are young or adult.

By me you will get:

Workshops at all levels, whether you are beginning, easy practice or practice

watercolor lessons

qualified teaching and sparring

teaching in different painting techniques

teaching in chromatology

art history and contemporary artistic inputs and inspiration

intercourse and fellowship with like-minded creative

Here you can paint your own motives and get inspiration to move on with them

If you do not have materials, they can bought here:

Registration for the individual course no later than one week before the start of the course, but otherwise you can send an email to see if there are available seats.

Bring materials. You must bring materials yourself unless otherwise stated on the course (canvas, paper, brushes, colors, etc.).

Facilities. There are easels, painting tables, chairs, table, tea and coffee making facilities, fridge for storing brought food and drink, mugs and cutlery.

In the workshop you will be able to work with drawing, acrylic and watercolors.

The following picture is drawings of students of all ages of Lotte Kjoeller.

Teaching and consulting experience

Teacher and Visual Artist Lotte Kjoeller:

1992: Painted in own studio, and started my career as a visual artist.

Study and grand stay in Paris ½ years to study art at the Ecole Des Beaux Artes Art Academy.

Come to the 3-year private student by visual artist Jeff Ibbo from the 1992 Academy of Arts in the Danish Royal Danish Academy of Arts, changing the direction of my art.

1993: Applied at Copenhagen University, Department of Art History. Temporary for Teacher Jeff Ibbo, FOF, Køge in Croquis.

1994: Passed 1 year test on Kbh. University, Art History. Adult Educational Course. Employed as a teacher in croquis for FOF for 4 years, and as guest teacher at the Kunstmuseet "Køge Skitsesamling". Teaching at FOF Painting School in Køge.

1995: Got a breakthrough with my paintings by going through the needlework for theKE,  Artists' Autumn Exhibition, the free exhibition building in Copenhagen and now my work career went seriously.

Became a member of Billedkunstners Forbund BKF.

2002: Debuted as illustrator to Adil Erdem's poetry collection "Places in Dreams" and became a member of the Danish Authors Association. 2009: Debuted as poet to "Wordless" 2004 to now:

Took an education as Social and Health Assistant in 2004, I have used to teach elderly and disabled in drawing and painting.

Also gives private lessons in drawing and painting from my studeo in Vanloese.

Has exhibited many meritorious places both in Denmark and abroad. See more at my website: at the cv.

tel: +45 2383 0717 mail: Enjoy!

Subject to any. errors in the course texts.

Contact me by email or phone and we will find a time to meet. You're welcome!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here:


These pictures are of a designer student who should learn to draw croquis to complete her task. She received 3 days teaching at Artschool Atelier Lk-kunst, located in Vanloese, Kbh.

If you would like to contact Lotte Kjoeller regarding teaching please email or call: tel: +45 2383 0717 or mail: You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Registration for course:

If you would like to beginn at one of my courses, please send me your email, address and telephone and course name to Lotte Kjoeller, at and you will know how to pay.


To Lotte Kjoeller: or at 23830717

Prices are incl. lunch at full day courses, cake at short courses and possibly. model hire.

Get 200 SEK off your second and following courses.

Gift card

It's time to see it! If you're missing a personal gift for someone you care about, maybe there was a course in croquis, painting or a basic course you can use. You can receive a gift certificate by Lotte Kjoeller

Lk or phone: +45 23830717 against prior payment.

Group or individual one-tutorial in drawing and painting with visual artist Lotte Kjoeller

I have many years of experience in drawing and painting lessons from evening schools, art schools and occupational therapy, and now give private one-teaching as you can see below. I teach in drawing and painting for the person who wishes personally directed one-tuition and for small groups of max 3 persons.


When I teach a single student at a time, it's because it gives the best and most personally targeted results. The student canhere decide exactly what he / she wants to learn. We can go into depth with drawing and drawing techniques, or painting and the process of working from sketch to painting. I base on the student's level, wishes and resources, and I guide the student to become a better character or painter, and to gain an insight into the universe of color.

Of course, I also do group education. That's why I teach in small groups of up to 3 people so the student can still get more intensive teaching on the small teams. I emphasize that being creative must also be a play. I always try to let the student find (or retain) his own style, giving guidance to both abstract as figurative art; Where the student's interest is. I carry out all drawing techniques and specialize in croquis, drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting. I do not teach in oil painting. The teaching takes place in my studio, Bogholder Allé 66, Vanloese, in Copenhagen, where you will be taught as a student.

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