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About the author Lotte Kjoeller

My name is Lotte Kjøller in english Kjoeller and german Kjöller. I was born in 1966 in Køge, Denmark. I live and work in Copenhagen. I am an author, visual artist and illustrator. I write, illustrate, paint, draw, teach, make sculpture and lecture. My creativity is great and I'm curious and creative in many areas. I have been a member of the Danish Authors Association as an illustrator since 2002, and have been member af poet since 2009.

Since my childhood I have written stories, lyric and illustrated own poetry. I have neverwrote diary, but I wrote poems like a kind of diary, and the way to process my mind. At the age of 28, I was admitted to the Institute of Art History in Copenhagen and moved from Koege to Copenhagen. It was a hard time, but it taught me to write. In addition to the never-ending tasks of art history students, I wrote articles, poetry and shorter stories, which I, among other things, used my work as a visual artist by writing directly to the paintings. Art began to evolve in a different direction.

But my actual debut as an author (and neither as an artist or illustrator) and with a book on a recognized publisher only occurred in 2009, where my poetry "LivLøber" from 2004 appeared as an ebook in an anthology with 119 other poets from Danish Writers Association. This meant that I became a poet in the Danish Writers' Lyrik Group 2010. Before that, I had already been an illustrator member since 2002 and in BKF as a professional artist for many years.

Lotte Kjøller læser op af sine digte 2011

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2009: LivLøber som e-bog Ordløst af bl.a Lotte Kjøller

2004: LivLøber af Lotte Kjøller - unica

Lotte Kjoeller's Authorship

I had worked for years as a visual artist, and I was strongly inspired by my first illutational assignment for the poem collection "Places in Dreams" by Adil Erdem 2002 from CDR Forlag when I was 36 years old. But also by inspiration from poets around me in the Danish Authors Association, of which I became a member, I wrote a poem collection at the end of 2002, the poetry "Livløber", which was published in 2004 at my own press.


In "Livløber", I, as an artist, illustrator and poet, is inspired to work with pictorial art in the form of image poetry. My picture-poems is created in parallel with the lyric in linguistic form as a poetry cycle. The boards in the pictorial "Livløber" have therefore inspired and shaped "LivLøber" on an equal footing with language dictations throughout my workflow. There are 16 picture poemss in "Livløber" that illustrates the book throughout. The poem collection is a special print and in itself a unique work of art. There are a total of only 10 hand-colored copies of "LivLøber", each image-wise, is a unique handcrafted unique, which is then signed. The book is printed with a clamping technique, so that all leaves in the book can be loosened without damaging, and thus enjoyed individually or as a whole.


jeg elskede med dig første Gang - vi var 18 år – vi var

Unge og Vilde og elskede vildt og skreg så Verden hørte os

allevegne uden Omsvøb sammensvøbt sammensvorne

din Duft din Krop din Sjæl dit Hjerte din Varme din Tro.


År gik der før du stod udenfor min Dør – again!

jeg gift du skilt og begge blev vi fri af tiden med tiden

din Duft din Krop din Sjæl dit Hjerte din Varme din Tro

nu er det dig der ligger ved min Side og sover sødt - again

din Duft din Krop din Sjæl dit Hjerte din Varme din Tro

mærker jeg efter en Hed Nat i Elskovs Tegn – again, som

Unge Vilde vi elsker vildt og skriger så Verden hører os

Dit ansigt kan jeg skimte i Mørket foran mig

jeg kender det så godt har aldrig glemt det indre Billede

du sover tungt på min Pude i min Dyne i min Rede i

som ingenting var sket som alting er sket Rynker afslører

jeg mere Rund du mere Grå vi er Ældre vi er Voksne nu

er os selv kender hinandens Krop føler hinandens Hjerte

de samme i Moden Forklædning - hvor blev Årene af?

skulle jeg fortryde - nej glædes over Livet har bragt mig

din Duft din Krop din Sjæl dit Hjerte din Varme din Tro

ja stadigvæk – du har det stadigvæk – jeg elsker stadigvæk

din Duft din Krop din Sjæl dit Hjerte din Varme din Tro

er Grunden til du ligger her i min Seng - again

to Modne Frugter groet sammen – again, again and again

Gud Ske Lov vi lever Gud Ske Lov

Digt af Lotte Kjøller fra Sensuelle ordbilleder 2010.

This technique may make it a little more difficult to browse the book, but as artwork the artistic purpose has been weighed heavily. There has been so much demand on Livløber that I now sell printed copies. I do because the book helps many people who are tired of their lives. You can also upload it here on the page. When I do that, it's because I'd rather help than to earn it now. Later LivLøber appeared as an ebook in 2009 from the publisher Wordless. E-books were something new at the time and nobody knew if it had come to stay. It was that! And this became my true debut as a professional poet. You can see and read the books above by clicking on the image of the book.

You can read the books below by tapping the pictures

I have also published illustrated erotic poems in "Sensual Words" and "Words of Love" from the publisher GAL 2010. In 2011, I wrote a short poem collection as artistsbook "He is my strength and power." This book is particularly notable because it is designed as a Japanese harmonicabook a total of 42 pages - 21 pages on each side then unfolded is 2.85 meters long. On the one hand, there are some ancient documents about the life of a Bornholm iceland of the life of a woman richly illustrated by Lotte Kjøller, and on the other hand there is a handwritten poem: "He is the strength and power" with 1 letter on each side. You can read the books by clicking on the image of the book above. Common to my lyrics is that language poems are richly illustrated with its own visual poems.

To me to write lyric is to paint with words and it fits nicely in line with my talent as a visual artist. Poems are concentrated pieces of text (like a maggot is concentrated soup that can spice a whole dish). In that way, poems are small concentrated pieces of text that should be able to spice the same on one page as a whole book has 100 pages.

In 2014, I started a "real" book which is not only poetry but a complete story. It's called "Fake by a Stalker. It started with an experience that was written in a blog to end up like a script.

Picture poems

My illustrations are picture poems understood in the way that they tell a story in several layers that must be discovered piece after piece and during time like my paintings. I use my skills as an artist and I both draw, paint and use collage to get the right expression in the illustrations. The common denominator is that I use Man or nude as my great source of inspiration. Man forms the basis of experience, objects and motives in my books and illustrations.

It is recommended to see my series of "illustrations" and the series "Poems, Book Publishings and Jazz n Poetry" on the website by clicking the menu at the top of this page. You can also visit the Danish Authors Association site http://www.danskforfatterforening.dk,where there is a selection of my books and poetry by Lotte Kjoeller. http://www.danskforfatterforening.dk/medlemmer/lottekjoeller.aspx

You can read the books below by tapping the pictures

Artistic education

But as a visual artist, I have my background and artistic education, as seen from this website, and it is also seen in my poems, books and picture poems. I debuted at the artists' autumn exhibition in 1995 and 1996. In 1997 I was on a grant trip in Paris where I studied at the art academy Ecole Des Beaux Artes. Before that, I was in 3 years of master's studies by visual artist Jeff Ibbo. After the trip, I was accepted at the Artists' Summer Exhibition in 2000 and 2001. Now I have received the professional quality stamp as an artist and is a member of the Association of Fine Arts Artists (BKF). I have been exhibiting many highly acclaimed places both in Denmark and abroad as an artist. I exhibit in the "Arthouse" art trade, Kbh. But writing and illustrating books means more and more to me.

Do you want to buy or have read my poems / jazz n poetry and possibly. exhibit image views?

My imagery is almost always acrylic, watercolor, tush and collage on A4 size or smaller paper. I exhibit as an artist at libraries, galleries, art associations and other exhibitions evenly distributed throughout the year. Do you want to exhibit my picture poems and illustrations it is possibly. Feel free to contact me to arrange time, place and details.

It's not all pictures it is possible to sell after use, but I have many that can and even more that can be exhibited.

As you can hear on this page, Jazz has also come out of some of my poems. It is poetry to music. Against payment, I would like to read my poetry - with or without music. You can also rent an exhibition with my image pointers. In return, I exhibit a purchase / rent for my. 3000 kr. Per mrd. If the exhibition venue is far from Copenhagen, we must negotiate the transport.

It's a good idea to be in good time as I exhibit all year,  so planning a long time. Libraries, Galleries, art associations and other interested parties are welcome to contact telephone, mail or letter. My address is at the bottom of this page.

Buy / order books

If you want to buy a book from here, you can contact me, Lotte Kjoeller by email, and I will send the book to you when it is paid. Postage is always added to the book's price, which you will find in the poems Dictation, Book Releases and Jazz n Poetry. You can see the price of the book here: link to Lotte Kjoellers books

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Da jorden var flad


kunne man vælte ud over kanten


til afgrunden


til intethedens




af tanker


Livshjulet drejer


Det Drejer


og Drejer


og Drejer








jorden Drejer


Digt af Lotte Kjøller fra LivLøber 2004

Arbejdsbordet i mit Ateliér

Contact Info

I live and work in Copenhagen, Denmark. My workshop is called Ateliér Lk-kunst.dk and is open by appointment. I also keep "Open House" once in a while, where you are welcome to past by. I accept both galleries, art associations, companies, private etc. - my studio is open to everyone - and with its 50 m2 it can accommodate some. Should you be interested in additional information or would you like to visit my studio (where there are many more than the works shown here) please contact me by email, by phone or at my address, see bottom of each page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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